Please review the following before registration.

Advanced Clinic: "A" rec players or Travel team players
Novice Clinic: One or more seasons of Rec lacrosse or other clinics
Beginner: 0-1 year experience


This clinic is for the U9 player – boy or girl – who is a beginner. The first time clinic will teach basic skills, ground balls, catching , throwing,dodging , shooting while playing games and participating in age-appropirate drills. Each attendee receives his/her first stick and a pinney.


U9 clinic for the player that has completed the Little Laxers clinic and is ready for drills, small sided games in full equipment and real lacrosse balls. Great way to have your player handle real drills and skills with the hard lacrosse ball in controlled atmosphere.


This clinic is for boys and girls of all ages and skills. This a a speed and agility clinic with a unique combination of drills to inprove your speed and explosiveness. Shooting, dodging, and defending are at the core of every drill.


Boys and girls, all ages and skills are welcome. Players must have their own gear. Clinic will cover goalies arc, stance, hand position, clearing, communication, pipe to pipe, and seeing plenty of rubber.


This clinic is for U11 to High school boys. Short stick players will be drilled on how to finish from all points on the offensive half of the field. Sweeps, ally dodge, rollback, bull dodge, inside roll, rocker and the question mark will be taught. We will also cover the dodgers mind set and how to set up your defender. The last two sessions will combined with the goalies and defenders to go "live" withe the techniques learned.


This clinic is for U11 to High school boys. Long poles will learn proper footwork, approach, shading, recovery, stick checks, zone and man to man team defense, as well as proper communication. The last two sessions will be combined with the goalies and the shooters to go "live" with the new skills learned.


U9 to High school boys. Each age group will have its own session. Boarding, cross checking, and moving picks are prohibited in this league. Six sessions with a built-in make-up day. Players will be divided by age and taught skills every week, followed by a full Box lacrosse game to put in to practice the concepts just learned. Two man game, pick and slip/roll, overloading the defense, off ball play, all will be taught in the tight spaces of a box lacrosse game. Great opportunity to speed up a players decision process, stick handling, and on-ball defense. Make-up day if not used will be an extra play day for all age groups.


U9 to High school A four day camp for lacrosse players to refine and develop individual skills in a great day camp experience. Daily games for raffle prizes at the end of the week. Current and former College players and high school and college coaches will be teaching your camper.